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Immune support

I have visited San Diego Family acupuncture for multiple reasons like very bad cold, back pain, boosting immune system, and skin issues. I have never been disappointed at the treatment. Lan, the owner of the place, always listens very carefully and provide also supplemental and nutritions recommendation in addition to the acupuncture treatment.


Autoimmune disorders

Lan is the best, most caring health care provider I’ve worked with. I started seeing her for treatment of multiple autoimmune disorders, migraines, and chronic pain, as well as to manage the side effects of my medications. Before I met Lan I suffered daily from pain, muscle spasms and weakness, fevers, rashes, mouth sores, migraines, allergies, severe depression and anxiety,

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Relieved my stress

I have never been to an acupuncturist and the sight of having needles on a person just scares me. I started acupuncture with Lan a couple of years ago because I had the worst case of anxiety. Not only did acupuncture calm my body but also relieved some stressed. I also broke my leg last year. Doing PT helped me to move

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Bloating and stomach pain

“After being bit by a tick and enduring several months of antibiotics, I felt like my health was declining and that there was no hope of ever getting better. I suffered from extreme bloating and stomach pain, widespread rashes, joint pain, and fatigue. I was referred to Lan by a friend and decided to give it a try since I

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