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Herbal Pharmacy

Chinese Medicine | San Diego Family AcupunctureWhat about Chinese herbs?

Herbs are an essential part of Chinese medicine.  Herbal medicine accentuates the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatments.  I will prescribe herbs if needed based on your specific disease pattern.

How many herbs are you giving me?

An average herbal formula can have as little as two herbs to a dozen herbs in it.  Each herb has specific qualities that have been vetted over thousands of years that make it perfectly useful in combination with the other herbs in the formula.

What is the quality of your herbs?

Chinese herbal medicine is highly individualized and requires a great amount of sophistication to practice effectively.  I use the safest and the highest-quality formulas available.  All of my products have been tested and meet the strictest biological and environmental standards.

How do I take the herbs?

There are different types of delivery that I can use, i.e. tinctures, granules, pills or raw herbs.  Most of my patients are comfortable with pills initially and then will become confident enough with their experience that they will try granulated or even raw herbs.  There is some difference in terms of strength, as the processing of the freeze-dried granules and pills reduces the efficacy somewhat.  However, I will defer to your choice if/when the time comes to prescribe a formula.

Taking Chinese herbs isn’t required, but many patients find that the power of herbal formulas helps them heal faster and accentuate the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatments.


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