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Autoimmune disorders

Lan is the best, most caring health care provider I’ve worked with. I started seeing her for treatment of multiple autoimmune disorders, migraines, and chronic pain, as well as to manage the side effects of my medications. Before I met Lan I suffered daily from pain, muscle spasms and weakness, fevers, rashes, mouth sores, migraines, allergies, severe depression and anxiety, inability to digest food, and so much more. I had run out of western medicine options and pretty much given up. Working with Lan has been totally life changing. When we began working together I could only eat predigested baby food and I had anywhere between 10-15 doctors appointments every week. After taking advantage of her nutrition counseling and receiving acupuncture for a month I was able to begin reintroducing real food into my diet. Lan helped me gain so much clarity around my health and how to eat within the dietary restrictions of all my conditions. It’s been extremely valuable in managing the symptoms. I used to live in fear because I knew I was out of options. Working with Lan gives me hope for a life with less suffering. I know that whatever comes up she has the knowledge and expertise to help me through it.


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