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Low energy, digestive problems, and vision issues

“I began acupuncture treatments because I was feeling tired with low energy, digestive problems, and vision issues. I feel fortunate that my case was assigned to Lan, who was an intern at that time completing her studies as an acupuncturist. I immediately connected with Lan’s warmth and genuine concern for my health, her zest to get me back to a more energetic state of mind and body, and her knowledge and experience with Chinese traditional medicine. From week to week, Lan’s treatments were thorough and complete as she also provided instructions and suggestions on nutrition and physical exercise. Just as important to me was her emotional support in helping me regain a more balanced state of well-being. I have incorporated Lan’s health advice in all aspects of my life and feel more energetic, focused and conscientious of not over-exerting myself emotionally and physically.

Thank you Lan!”

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